Friday, October 23, 2009

Yes, I'm still alive

School's been in session for about two months now, and that has significantly diminished my time to sit down and write. I hate to say it, but against my will the Western has been shelved due to massive amounts of homework assignments. Usually I would shrug it and say fuck it. But all my classes are Film related and I can't help but to enjoy the assignments a bit. Anyway, I was given a handout to read based on the neo-realist classic The Bicycle Thief. I liked the movie, but the handout was sort of stagnate... until the final chapter, then the words sort of rang very true. I really liked what the the writer (Roberto Rossellini) had to say about film making.
"Beautiful Shots! That is the one thing that makes Me sick! A film must be well-directed; that is the least one can expect of a filmmaker; but a single shot need not be beautiful. The only thing that is important is the rhythm, and that cannot be learnt, you carry it inside yourself."
I like to think that the first lesson on film making isn't anything technical, it's just your inherent instinct for flavor and rhythm. You cannot teach that, I've seen it in the film production classes I've taken. Some people just don't have the rhythm, me probably being one of them. But I happen to like what I make to an extent. Well shit, ranting aside. It seems like the Title for the Western will be:
The Man Who Never Missed
A small announcement, but one none the less, and only for the sake that I felt I needed to post something here.

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