Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm in a intro to film production class. Our assignment: write a scene that takes place in a piano bar. I wanted to stay away from violence and keep it from being boring. Which was tough, but perversion saved me. I think this has a pungent moral that all can agree is timeless and sage like. I said it was Shakespearian because the nuggets of real truth are delivered by the clown, who is always the forewarner and bearer of truth in Bill's plays. My roommate said I was reading too much into it, but you can't deny me and Bill are on the same wavelength here! Also, I'm hoping that - - will throw down some pencils on this since the scripts we direct in the class can't be our own, and I'm fairly positive that my classmates wont capture the poignancy of this scene. For those with a sharp eye, there are some references to the master, TOM WAITS in this since i was listening to his records while i was writing this. *Apparently i can't post it here because this place won't let me post it in the proper format, but i put the scene up on my deviantart page, i guess it will get some use after all... if you want, stop on by.

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