Sunday, July 5, 2009

1970's cop show

This is the intro to a 70's cop show i was jazzed about doing when i had some sweet handlebars and some beefed up Montgomery Burn's.



Out by the garden area a MEXICAN LANDSCAPER is pushing his cart of tools around.  He is happily sweeping things up in the sun.  He sweeps a bit and then is taken over by a yawn.  Looking over he sees someone by the bay door of the warehouse, he waves, and the person waves back then turns and disappears into the darkness of the warehouse.  Immediately the landscaper turns and says into his bin of tools.





A hand pops out with $10 dollars in it.  The landscaper takes it and out jumps INSPECTOR FLINT MAGNUS



Gracias amigo.  Keep an eye out, if anyone brings up the rear your know what to do.





FLINT draws his gun out of his shoulder holster then runs up to the bay door.  As FLINT runs off the LANDSCAPER pulls a sombrero, a poncho, and a 12-gauge shotgun out of his tool bin, loads up and goes and sets up underneath a tree looking like the stereotypical sleepy Mexican.  All the shots for this are action packed and awesome like in Desperado.




FLINT sneaks in through the rear undetected and takes cover to survey the innards of the warehouse, he sees a large pallet of cocaine and people loading onto it and getting it ready for transport.  We also see that VANILLA SWEETS is here himself to insure that everything goes accordingly.



Delicious… Keeps the frosting smooth baby.


VANILLA turns and walks out the double doors, his hair flowing gently in the breeze.  His girlfriend, and right hand babe – HONEY CREAM – comes into frame as we dolly back.



All right, you heard him; lets move this product out of here!


We hear echoes of the word “Si” call out at various bursts in various tones, however, every one of them authentic.  Just before VANILLA gets to the doors FLINT jumps out and makes his presence known.


Everybody freeze!  Vanilla, you’re coming with me.


Everybody jumps into action.  Whipping out guns, knives, and bats.



Eat a dick Magnus.


FLINT shoots and misses.  A man runs at Magnus and shitty 70’s ass kicking ensues: Someone comes at MAGNUS with a knife and gets defeated by a roundhouse kick, they fly into the rack and FLINT shoots someone off the top rack, he falls into a bunch of empty boxes.  Making his way forward he hits two or three people, dodging bullets and taking shots.  Almost at the double doors FLINT is stopped by an overly large menacing looking Mexican, in a tank top, swirling a chain and laughing.  He takes a battle position and FLINT looks to him as if he’s serious.  FLINT draws his gun and puts him down.  We cut as we hear the shot, to seeing the chain fall to the ground and fill a sixth of the frame, the body falls and takes up a third, and the rest is FLINT continuing his manhunt.  FLINT flies through the doors and has less than a second before he has to jump out of the way of a speeding car.  VANILLA puts his hand out of the passenger side window (cause pimps don’t drive) and flips FLINT off.  While speeding away a paper flies off the windshield, it is a parking ticket that flutters over and gets caught in some bushes.  We now get a bonus badass shot of FLINT getting up from the ground and doing a badass stand, then holsters his gun, lights up, and goes back inside to attend the coke as police sirens ring up from the distance and inch closer.

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