Friday, October 29, 2010


I'll be at the Long Beach Comic Con this year with my good chums Jeff Stokley ( and Kevin Castaniero ( Though I have to go to prison from 2pm-7am on Saturday and 2pm - 10:30pm on Sunday, I am going to be there from open until about 12:30pm. In my absence though, I will have a mini-comic for sale with short stories I wrote for the low low price of $3.00! It stars Tim Kelly ( and the aforementioned Kevin Castaniero, with a bonus preview of Jeff's pages for GUN BABE! A story he and I are working on for Heavy Metal magazine. CHECK IT! Also at the table will be a Sketch Book by Kevin, and prints, Prints, PRINTS! For CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY, WE WILL GET BEER! and BROADS!!!!

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