Thursday, March 25, 2010


There are tons of oil refineries scattered around Torrance and Carson. This one is planted ominously right next to the 405 and I drive by it at least once a week, usually at night. The first time I passed it I was taken back and terrified. I remember thinking about how ominous that thing was, and how audacious the ties must have been to decide it was a fantastic idea to put an American flag over their giant, polluting, complex. (It reminds me of the second level of Sonic 2) I'm pretty sure that Dr. Robotnik lives in here and he swivels his mustache while he and Dr. Light chuckle about some sort of evil surprise attack on the greater Los Angeles region. Nobody would suspect an attack on the South Bay, everyone here is too busy hiring crosswalk guards at every major intersection and driving around their Lexus SUV's to even notice such a plot brewing right there in their backyard. Jesus Christ!? Sometimes productions excrement permeates over this giant fortress so thick it looks like the skin of the earth in the Matrix, but with more lights. I'm not too sure where I'm going with this so I'll just stop here and cut my losses. For all I know Dr. Robotnik saw me snap this and has drones scouring the internet for any kind of lead!

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